THE STORY OF CHRISTMAS first aired on NBC December 22, 1963. Sponsored solely by General Mills, and hosted by Ernie, it was the first hour-long prime time network television special to ever be aired without commercial interruptions.

Written by the renowned author, Charles Tazewell (The Littlest Angel) adorned with soaring vocal arrangements written and conducted by Roger Wagner, and featuring a stunning eighteen-and-a-half minute animated segment, conceived, produced and filmed by master artist Eyvind Earle (Sleeping Beauty, Fantasia), The Story Of Christmas was Ernie's lifelong dream, and the effort he regarded as his crowning achievement. It became -- literally overnight -- one of the highest rated, critically acclaimed holiday specials of all time. Reviewing it's first airing, Daily Variety was quoted as saying:

"The tape should be preserved and played back for years on end. It's brilliance will never be dimmed or excelled."

Long believed to have been lost -like so many other brilliant moments from television's history- one of only two master tapes known to have existed was finally found following an exhaustive,  world-wide search, just three short weeks before Christmas, 1996.

With that original tape fully restored, Tennessee Ernie Ford Enterprises joined with the prestigious Museum Of Television And Radio, to host the first public screening of The Story Of Christmas in more than 30 years, at the John H. Mitchell Theater in Beverly Hills on December 15, 1997. The reaction was overwhelming.

Today, TEF Enterprises is proud to announce the release of this exclusive, limited edition DVD of The Story of Christmas, just in time for the Holidays. Completely restored, with digitally enhanced video and audio, this rare release is a timeless classic and one of television's true masterpieces. Click here to add this Classic Holiday Masterpiece to your collection today!